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Announcing our "Love Songs For Valentines Day" Show Starting Today

Posted on February 3, 2010 at 10:59 AM

We had so many great songs to share that we had to create a 4 hour show for this theme. It airs ALL MONTH LONG on Wed, Sat & Sun from 3-7 PM EST, 12-4 PM PST. Go to www.womenofsubstanceradio.com or www.live365.com/stations/breenoble to listen.

This is not your average "sappy" love songs show. Sure, we've included some good old fashioned love songs, but we're Women Of Substance, so we delve a little deeper into the nitty gritty, real emotions of relationships. Just take a look at some snippets of lyrics from the show and you'll see what we mean. Than check out the playlist below to find your favorite Indie Artists. 

This is the story, the blood guts and glory, the tying of your life with mine.

The newest, the oldest, the warmest, the coldest, the murdering passage of time. - "Something Insanely Clever" by Ellen CHerry

This is my lousy lovesong to you.

I say lousy cause nothing that I ever could do could compare to you. -“Unbearable” by Angela Mukul

Love comes unbidden, it can’t be forbidden, it takes you and shakes you right down to your shoes. -“Love Chooses You” by Brenda Jean featuring Tracy Drach 

I hate the way you don’t have to shower everday, but still wake up in the same way. When all I do is dress to impress, but you say I’d be better off in less. -“Falling Higher” by Jennings


I don’t remember my last breath, but I must be alive, unless I forgot my own death. And I must have forgotten to try to resist cause I can’t remember coming up for air yet from this kiss.- “Falling” by Naomi Wilder



"Jocelyn Alice & The Monster Famous", "Today and Tomorrow”

"Ashley Chambliss", "Here Right Now”

"Angela Mukul", "Unbearable"

"Jennings", "Falling Higher"

"Naomi Wilder", "Falling"

"Brenda Jean featuring Tracy Drach", "Love Chooses You"

"Andrea Hamilton", "Tonight It s Ours"

"Hip Kitty", "I m Still Fallin"

"Helen Austin", "Ordinary Girl”

"Carolann Ames", "So Into You"

"Ellen Cherry", "something insanely clever”

"Heather Wiggins", "What I Know About Love”

"Sara Cohen & Sari Miller", "He Says, She Says"

"Aryn Michelle", "Embraces"

"V. K. Lynne", "My Bones"

"Heather Layne", "Pick-Me-Up"

"Jessica Rhaye", "My World"

"Miriam Jones", "Full-Affected"

"Elaine Ryan", "A Simple Love Song"

"Hilary Michels", "Room For All Seasons”

"Lou Brown", "These Arms"

"Crossing North", "Shades of Green"

"Tracy Jane Comer", "Perfectly"

"Stacie Rose", "Okay"

"Jes", "Everything”

"Debbie Hennessey & Mark Luna", "When Two Become One”

"Kavi", "Kiss Me"

"Katie Marie", "Escapism"

"Angie Nussey", "Broken"

"Sharon Kenny", "A Hundred Years From Now”

"Kate Wallace", "Every Little Thing”

"Rachel Morgan Perry ", "Harmony"

"Jill Holly", "In This For Good”

"Rita Di Ghent", "All Baby Wants is Me”

"Julie Minasian", "Everything I Think I Know About Love”

"Amy Leonnard Band", "You Inspire Me”

"Marissa DiBlasio", "Anything But Ordinary Love”

"Celia Rose", "I Still Have You”

"Jessi Hamilton", "Arms of Love”

"Misty Rae", "The Beauty of You”

"Miranda Rose & Scott Grimes", "Portrait of Life"

"Laurie Cairns", "This Close To Love"

"Nancy Simmonds Band", "Tremble and Shake"

"Susan Rose", "You Make Me Fall In Love With You"

"Lisa Mann", "Dance a Little Closer”

"Katie Quick", "Sacrifice"

"Running Home", "If I Knew"

"Eileen Carey", "Hearts Of Time"

"Suzie Plakson", "At The End Of My Day"

"Jennie DeVoe", "Everything To Me"

"Carolyn J. Messina", "Lines”

"Laura Bishop", "Tidal Wave"

"Michelle Schmitt", "As You Sleep"

"Raison D'Être", "Like a Song”

"Bree Noble", "Impossibly Beautiful"


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