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What Kind Of Ads Do We Offer?

Banner Ads: 300x250 and/or 728x90 on desktop player (mobile coming soon)

Audio Ads (You provide or we produce for you). See examples below.

Website Spotlight Placement (picture or banner with copy and links)

Audio or Video Pre-Roll (plays whenever a listener launches the station)

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What Kind of Advertisements Fit Our Listeners?

Album Release (example)

Single or Holiday Release (example)

Corporate/Home Business (example)

Products & Services for Women 

Products & Services for Musicians

Who Will Be Seeing Your Ads And How Often?

Our stats include other sources that tap into our stream like TuneIn as well as our mobile Apps.  But our desktop player is the most popular. 
We serve about 2,000 listeners per month. Our ads are served up to 10,000 times in a day depending on how many listeners we have on a particular day.
Our top 6 countries are US, Australia, UK, Germany and Canada & France with a few listeners from other countries.

Advertising Spot Production:
*If you produce your own ad, it must be approved by us for sound quality, content and length before airing on the station.

  • Mp3 voiceover provided by advertiser, we produce with background music.
    Listen to an ad we helped a sponsor create:

  • We produce the spot from scratch including using your copy and our voiceover talent 

  • Listen to an ad we created for an sponsor:

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